No Water. No Steam. (Thought cauldron 2)

No Water. No Steam. (Thought cauldron 2)

….. Picking up from where we left off on our last post.

To recap: No water or steam added. We at pyoura™ make this claim.

Did you notice something about our process? There is a special and unique facet that is important to you. We add no alcohol, no chemicals. Yes, nothing at all. That also makes us paraben, SLS and preservative free.

Let’s take this a step further. Other processes will need water to be added. Quality of water? To be sure, most times great care is taken to add the cleanest water. But let us admit it. An outsider is an outsider. Can’t be one of us.

That brings us to an eco-friendly corollary. Imagine having to handle just farm fresh material. Or adding water or chemicals - several times over - and then consuming kilos of calories to boil it off to process them back in.

Responsibility to the environment demands that we be efficient on energy and frugal on materials. Our processes make for a harmonious eco-friendly twosome between pyoura™ and mother nature.

One last thing. We borrow from a famous tagline, “It’s all about money, honey”!!

Imagine taking 10 rupees worth rose petals and adding water for free. Or taking 100 rupees worth rose petals, adding no water but collecting only the water inside the petals.

Where would costs be higher? Like to like on prices, where could more money be made?

The choices are with you.

So, one more time. pyoura. “no water or steam added”. 100% natural and pure.

We sincerely hope you will agree.

Stay connected,
Team pyoura

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