Pyoura™ is here!

Pyoura™ is here!

Welcome to pyoura™ skincare.

A day’s hard work. Several layers of captivating makeup. Or waltzing through the dust and grime outdoors. Let’s face it. Like the rest of our body, our skin gets tired too. And, therefore, needs to be nurtured and revitalized. So that we are recharged into action!

That’s easier said than done. And not the least because we are spoilt for choice. Choices that could distract, if not confuse, much before the best one can be made. A spray or a lotion? A cream or a dab-on? Hydrants or moisturizers? Ingredient chemical A or chemical B?

Celebrate, however, the one choice that has already been made – perhaps on intuition, perhaps after deep search and analysis but most likely out of family traditions and values. Artificial is out, Natural is in. Adulterated is out, Pure is in. Mother Nature’s offerings in their pristine form are the undisputed winners for you.

The healing Turmeric (Haldi; Curcuma longa), the rejuvenating Holy Basil (Tulsi; Ocimum tenuiflorum) or the soothing Rose (Gulab; Rosa damascena). To name a few. Trusted through the ages for safely caring for our skin.

Inspired by this winning tradition, we two IIT / IIM alumni recognized the need for beauty products that are 100% natural even as they stand out for their efficacy. At first the task seemed a tall order. But that motivated the start of a passionate journey of stringent raw material sourcing, laborious product development and rigorous testing.

Bringing to life pyoura™. To offer you skincare companions that embody our motto: Nature at its Purest.

We invite you to indulge in the luxury of the pyoura experience.

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Team pyoura

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