From Farm. To Face.

From Farm. To Face.

From Farm, to……” has become a signature call for businesses to show case their connect with fresh and natural. The signature is also an equally strong message of a firm grip on end-to-end traceability in the material chain.

pyoura skincare joins this distinguished club with a new dimension – skincare. We christen it, “From Farm. To Face”

At first, the connections may seem incongruous. Such monikers are more commonly used for food items. Likely never in skincare.

On the flip side, though, ‘naturals’ or use of plant ingredients is already – and increasingly so – an important consideration in the exotic realm of skincare. Most times, a particular extract from a plant would be the rallying point. Pain staking research underlying the effort would be a natural corollary.

Sadly, however, by the time the labs and factories welcome them, many ingredients in such fresh plant material will very likely be lost. The lost ones have a lot going for them.

Our processes at pyoura™grab these valuables before the losses happen. We capture them by working with farmers to source, for example, fresh turmeric root much before it is boiled, sun-dried and hammered into the powder that is called ‘turmeric’.

The result is our unique access to several components of plant materials available never before. We capture them the 100% natural way – without chemicals, water or steam. Accompanied by stringent process control and rigorous testing.

This is why we celebrate our outreach to the farmers.

At times, things of course become difficult. Situations pirouette, minds flicker and commitments go unfulfilled. ‘From Farm. To Face’ can often seem a difficult thing to keep up to. But that’s why being there is so cherished.

It also means going great distances. Literally. Difficult to reach villages in the east perhaps grow the most potent turmeric. The most aromatic rose is grown not where you expected it. The best tulsi is grown in ‘the backyard of the temple of my ancestral village’. (Want a tonne? Sorry, take a handful). Urban aloe vera or rural? This one had us foxed! Neem trees aplenty but soft, tender leaves? Try nipping that in the bud. No pun intended.

The plot gets curiouser.

Did we pay the right price? Will the lorry walah pickup and deliver within the freshness deadline? Can a better source be found? Why not set up something closer home?

The imponderables never fail to multiply. Always threatening to divide our energies. So how do we get the math right to put it all together?

We deliver because no matter how the math is done, at pyoura™ there’s only one constant. Fresh and natural. The pyoura™ constant, so to speak, which keeps us going at it. Unfailingly and unflinchingly.

We are encouraged too by the silently transforming Indian agriculture where some of the givens of centuries are changing. A good 30% to 40% farm produce falls by in the arduous trek to the mandi. And then, there are prices we pay versus the money that the farmer gets. Ours is this and there’s is that. Never have the twain met. The hotshot agri-tech guys, we are seeking you – we see rainbow lights in the tunnel called Indian agriculture.

For us, no more going to the mandi. Be it Samedi. Or Vendredi.

In ‘From Farm. To Face’, we have placed our faith. To bring you pyoura™100% natural face mists. Stain Free. With the natural aroma of fresh plants and herbs.

pyoura™. Nature at its purest.

Stay connected,
Team pyoura

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