Monsoon Hair Care

Monsoon Hair Care

By Jhilmil D Saha

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Hey beautifuls, are you enjoying the monsoons? It is raining incessantly, but our daily work has to continue. Going out these days can prove messy for our hair. Rainwater can make the hair stiff and soiled, resulting in dandruff, breakage and hair fall. Let us find out what exactly happens to our hair during monsoons.

Monsoon Hair Woes:

The most common issues during monsoon are oily scalp and greasy hair. This can result in dandruff, fungal infection and itchy scalp. These issues should be addressed with care, or else they may escalate to more significant issues like breakage, hair fall and thinning. According to dermatologists, hair fall increases by almost 30% during monsoons.

Top 5 Haircare Tips for Monsoons:

    1. Try to keep hair as dry as possible. This is the time you can actually use your blow dryer sparingly.
    2. Use natural ingredients like methi, amla and onion to address hair-related issues.
    3. Use a comb instead of a brush to boost proper blood circulation of the scalp.
    4. Use a gentle or medicated shampoo for cleansing.
    5. It is better to avoid hair colouring or straightening, perming etc., during this time.

How pyoura Hair Mists can be helpful during monsoons:

pyoura Hair Care Mists are made up of 100% pure plant extracts. Every ingredient is chosen carefully from nature, and therefore we can be sure that it is "Nature at its Purest".   To make the hair mists more effective, every ingredient targets a specific hair-related issue. Based on the vital ingredient, pyoura has come up with three variants of Hair mists:

  1. pyoura Onion Hair Mist

Made with a unique process, where all scalp nourishing actives are derived from deep purple onions, the pyoura Onion Hair Mist helps control hair fall, supports hair growth and prevents greying of hair. It also nourishes the scalp and improves conditions of hair thinning. It has a pH of around 6 and makes it comfortable for the scalp, which has a natural pH of about 5.5.

Priced at Rs. 600 for 100 ml and Rs. 300 for 50 ml, pyoura Onion Hair Mist is also helpful in controlling lice infestation.

  1. pyoura Methi Hair Mist

pyoura Methi Hair Mist is made by carefully capturing hair nourishing actives from hand-picked whole-bodied methi seeds. Methi, as an ingredient, has multiple benefits for hair. It helps in hair loss prevention, relieves scalp inflammation, delays greying of hair, controls dandruff, and makes hair shiny and lustrous. The mist has all these benefits and helps to keep hair healthy and shiny. It also revives damaged hair and adds softness. It has a pH of around 5.5 and is very comfortable for the scalp, which has a natural pH of about 5.5.

Priced at Rs. 575 for 100 ml and Rs. 300 for 50 ml, pyoura Methi Hair Mist also helps prevent premature greying of hair.

  1. pyoura Amla Hair Mist

Amla is said to be "the elixir of life", and pyoura Amla Hair Mist is made by bottling up the hair care actives from tree-fresh amla berries. The mist has anti-bacterial properties, relieves itchy scalp, has anti-dandruff properties, and helps boost hair growth. The mist also gives lustre and improves henna hair dye tone. It has a pH of around 5.2, which makes it comfortable for our scalp, which has a natural pH of about 5.5.

Priced at Rs. 600 for 100 ml and Rs. 325 for 50 ml, pyoura Amla Hair Mist has the characteristic aroma of fresh amla berries. 

Benefits of pyoura Hair Mists:

  1. 100 % vegan and cruelty-free
  2. 100% pure and natural
  3. No added chemicals
  4. No water or steam is added
  5. Alcohol and preservatives free
  6. Quick and easy to use
  7. Long-lasting & economical
  8. Durable and attractive packaging
  9. Free sample products & cotton swabs
  10. Made from farm-fresh plants

How to use pyoura Hair Mists:

  1. Spray on the scalp ( preferably before applying hair oil)
  2. Gently massage
  3. Leave on for at least 2 hours or overnight for better results

pyoura Hair Mists are a fantastic addition to our hair care regime to ensure healthy and trouble-free hair. I like using the pyoura Methi Hair Mist and ideally use it a day before shampooing my hair, leave overnight and apply oil in the morning. Then shampoo my hair, and it has by far kept my hair issues much covered for the monsoons. 

To get your hands on these wonderful hair mists from pyoura, you can check their website here.

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