Say Hello to Aloe!

Say Hello to Aloe!

Welcome to the world of pyoura skincare!

Searing summers are upon us!  The impatient wait for monsoon showers seems to be the only relief.  But just barely. Because the sweltering heat of the monsoons will bring with it a sharp change in mercury and humidity levels. Does your skin feel confident of taking it on?

There is an urgency to be readying up.

We proudly announce yet another addition to our smorgasbord of the easy-to-use, 100% natural face mists - pyoura  Aloe Vera face mist that soothes sunburn and skin irritation!  Oozing with that unshakeable pyoura  promise of being free  of alcohol, preservatives or other added chemicals.  Actually, even water or steam have not been added. Even more, as always,  100% vegan and cruelty free.    

‘Vera’ is Latin for truth.  Let’s start with some of that for Aloe.  Its use has been around for a while.  “Aloe has a long history of medicinal use. Ancient cultures like Indian and Chinese recorded it as a medicinal plant, and Greeks, Romans, and Babylonians used Aloe vera leaves as an ointment for the skin.”

Skin science has adduced solid confirmation.   “Many studies have proved that bioactive components of Aloe vera have an anti-inflammatory effect… helping to maintain normal sugar and cholesterol levels and normal body weight.…. When aloe is applied externally, it accelerates the regeneration of the damaged skin.  An antioxidant activity was shown for leaf’s skin, flowers and gel of aloe.

At the fore, however, are Aloe’s many benefits in skincare, importantly in managing sun burn and skin irritation. That is sweet melody to the cacophony of gusting dust storms and pelting rain drops.  Here is a good write up on Aloe Vera’s benefits; some valuable tips to take away:

”Aloe Vera is a ‘miracle’, wonder plant.  It nourishes the body from the inside – it’s gel can be used to enhance one’s skin, especially the face and the hair.” Aloe Vera:

  1. Is a natural remedy for sunburn that is helpful in maintaining summer skin health.
  2. Works as a great skin burn treatment and boosts healing of wounds.
  3.  Is helpful as a skin moisturizer that unclogs the pores and softens the skin.
  4. Fights skin-aging due to its vitamin C and E, beta-carotene content. 
  5. Reduces infection and acne as its antimicrobial properties treat pimples.
  6. Lightens blemishes on the face, a natural treatment for stretch and acne marks.
  7. Keeps dandruff at bay by healing dry skin, fungal infections and excessively oily skin.
  8. Helps in activating new hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp.”

Truly wondrous indeed!

But nature’s flip side must also be reckoned with. Aloe Vera is highly perishable.  “It is reported that improper storage conditions could lead to significant degradation processes, resulting in a low content of active substances.”  Aloe  “leaves lose their biological activity at room temperature starting from 6 hours from harvest”. 

Making it so  important that once off the plant,  all the fabled goodness of the leaves is captured and bottled in less than that time.

That is where pyoura’s signature “From Farm to Face” and “No Water or Steam Added” processes come in handy.

pyoura  Aloe Vera face mist is made using our unique process which collects the several actives in fresh aloe vera leaves.  We rush these freshly plucked leaves straight for processing in specially designed equipment.  Without adding chemicals or water or steam.  So that the goodness of fresh and pure aloe vera is captured within hours!

Every spray of pyoura  Aloe Vera face mist will refresh your skin and give it that cherished, soft and supple feel.   There are several ways to use it.    Spray before applying your make up or after removing it. Best, keep a bottle in your bag and spray it on your face anytime when on the go for that instantly soothing and refreshing feeling.  Don’t forget to shake it before spraying.

Your skin is a busy and delicate being, ceaselessly at work in protecting you.  Treat it with care.  Gently and naturally.  The guaranteed only-aloe pyoura Aloe Vera face mist lets your skin revel in the benefits of aloe vera.  And, only aloe vera.  Without any added chemicals.

Immerse your skin in a hydrating mist so fine and delicate.  Say hello to Aloe.  pyoura Aloe Vera face mist.  Nature at its purest.

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