No Water. No Steam.(Thought cauldron 1)

No Water. No Steam.(Thought cauldron 1)

No water or steam added. We at pyoura™ make this claim.

Why is this important to you? What is its significance? What does it say about our products? Read on…

There are several plant / herb / flower ‘waters’ available. Almost all are made by adding water to the plant material, boiling off the two to collect the vapors, condensing the latter to again get water - this time with some goodies - and labeling it, well, water! ‘abc or xyz’ water!. Other tags may be appropriate too: hydrosols, distillates, extracts. Take your pick.

Seems a rather roundabout way of getting to the goodness of nature, isn’t it?

Two simple facts from the world of botany. Fact One. Most plant material, fresh at farm, will have loads of ‘water’ of its own trapped inside it. Courtesy mother nature. Percentages vary. Aloe Vera has 90%. Raw papaya 55%.

To be accurate, it is NOT water. In fact, far from it. A better description would be “Actives rich liquid naturally contained in plant material.”

Alas! Laziness with too many words gets the better of us! So we call it “water”.

Fact Two. Once harvested or plucked, the fruit / leaf / root loses this water quickly. Very quickly. Leaving behind something which you will, at one glance, declare “not fresh”!

This is where the processes innovated by Team pyoura™ scream in. We rush farm fresh material into our specially designed vessels, add no water or steam, to quickly capture, one more time, “Actives rich liquid naturally contained in plant material.” Oh hang it. Lets call it water.

This is how our signature pyouraturmeric water comes to life. Or, for that matter, pyouratulsi water and pyourarose water. (yes, there will be many more!)

Moral of the story: There’s enough moisture in fresh plant material carrying much of the goodness the plant is toasted for. Why add more! Just find a way of grabbing it. Before its too late.

So we claim, “no water or steam added”. 100% natural and pure.

We sincerely hope you will agree.

There is a lot left to say on this. More in thought cauldron 2 of “No Water. No Steam”

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