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Tulsi Face Mask for youthful skin | 100% pure and natural | 100 gms Sale

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This Tulsi Face Mask is the product of a unique process that captures the skin nourishing actives from plant-fresh tulsi (holy basil) without using chemicals.  The naturally powerful anti-oxidant properties of Tulsi help keep the skin youthful and healthy. 

  • The face mask is 100% natural and pure, free from preservatives and artificial fragrances.   
  • The smooth texture of the face mask helps ensure uniform and smooth application. 
  • To use, mix 1-2 level teaspoons powder in enough clean water to make an easy flowing paste.
  • For best results, prepare using pyoura Rose Face Mist. 
  • This face mask can also be mixed with other ingredients such as turmeric powder, sandal powder or multani mitti. 
  • Apply on face using a soft face brush.  Wait till dry and then wash off with clean water. 
  • To get longer lasting benefits, use pyoura Tulsi Face Mist after washing off.
  • Please check for allergies before using.

The face mask is economical and quick-n-easy to use.  Even more, it is 100% vegan and cruelty free.  Stain free, it has the characteristic aroma of fresh rose petals.  

Nurture your skin to a youthful glow.

Enjoy nature at its purest.

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Tulsi Face Mask for youthful skin | 100% pure and natural | 100 gms

Rs. 300.00