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Neem is no mean thing!

Neem is no mean thing!

Welcome to the world of pyoura skincare!

The exciting wonder world of skincare can never be complete without Neem.  Neem’s benefits measure in encyclopedic proportions. Every bit of the tree, from bark to seed, adds to the bonanza of benefits.  The leaves, perhaps, take the place of pride. 

Let’s first roster what the annals of research have captured from the labs. As also, the overwhelming evidence from centuries of experience using Neem.

  1. The principal constituents of neem leaves include protein (7.1%), minerals, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, carotene, among others.
        • “For women in particular, the Neem proved an invaluable source of health, hygiene and beauty that was freely available.
          • “Having a bath with a decoction of neem leaves kept their skin supple and healthy”.  The antiseptic properties of neem leaf extracts helped in controlling pimples and acne.”
            • For complete skin protection make a strong tea with neem leaves and add to the bath along with a little rose water.
              • Boil 40 –50 neem leaves in 250 ml of water 20 mins. Cool, strain and refrigerate to use as an astringent.
                • Essential oil from fresh leaves has a mild fungicidal action.
                  • Neem leaf extract shows significant Anti-inflammatory effect.
                    1. A wonderful research paper which has painstakingly documented instances of neem use over thousands of years observes, “Neem has a remarkable effect on chronic skin conditions. … Neem oil and leaves has been used in Siddha medicine for the treatment of skin disease.”
                    1. Neem has an almost magical effect on chronic skin conditions that often fail to respond with classical treatments.…..Synthetic chemicals used to treat these conditions can produce negative side effects such as rashes, allergic reactions and redness of the skin.
                    1. ‘Listless, damaged and overly oily hair appears to “come alive” when treated regularly with this most amazing plant. Nails, which have turned yellow or brittle due to the presence of yeast or fungi, often return to their normal condition when Neem is applied’.
                    1. “...our results indicated that neem leaf ethanolic extract is a promising anti-aging candidate for topical therapy products.”
                    1. Water extract of Neem leaves have shown significant antiulcer activity.
                    1. Neem leaf extract shows significant Anti-inflammatory effect.

                    That’s a lot going for a tree which comes so aplenty in India that very likely one wouldn’t even notice it when driving past. (A fun thing:  Neem’s scientific name, ‘Azadirachta indica’ literally means: 'The Free Tree of India’!)

                    The facts are clear and the evidence convincing:

                    Neem’s bitter.    Truth is in its benefits.

                    With such benefits that astound in their count, let’s do a quick recce of the current ‘state of the art’ in the neem skincare products realm.

                    Soaps and face washes would perhaps rule the roost.  Great ways to get Neem under your skin.  But let’s push the point further.   All soaps and face washes must get the help of others – chemicals – to become their name.  Which left us wondering – can we deliver the benefits of neem without the interlopers?

                    We collected a heap of soft and supple fresh neem leaves and applied our perfected ‘no water no steam’ process to them.  Alcohol, SLS and parabens free.

                    The output is pyoura Anti-Blemish 100% natural Neem Face Mist  which captures it all. 

                    To bring you the abundant benefits of Neem in an easy-to-use face mist, making it an any-time-of-the day companion in your skincare routine.

                    We invite you to explore the wonder world of neem with pyoura Anti-Blemish 100% natural Neem Face Mist.

                    Stay connected,

                    Team pyoura

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